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Our team of experienced Baltimore Maryland immigration lawyers assists clients with all aspects of immigration and naturalization law including: employment visas, student visas, fiancé visas, green cards, and asylum cases.

Our attorneys have experience handling the following immigration matters:
  • B-1 visas, H-1B visas, H-2 visas, L-1 visas
  • B-2 visas, J-1 visas, M-1 visas
  • Deportation, Green Cards, Political Asylum
Immigration law is constantly changing, please contact Blaine L. Gilbert & Associates P.A. to discuss your case with a qualified immigration attorney. Please call our Baltimore, Maryland office to schedule an appointment.

Brooklyn, New York Immigration Attorney : Law Office of Oscar Abraham Jaeger

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At the Law Office of Oscar Abraham Jaeger, located in Brooklyn, New York City and established in 1987, I provide legal services to immigrants and their families from countries throughout the world.

As an immigration lawyer, I’ve helped my clients with the following kinds of cases:

  • Marriage cases in which a foreign-born spouse or prospective spouse is seeking permanent resident status. This sometimes includes cases in which a foreign-born spouse has been abandoned by his or her American spouse or has fled that American spouse because of abuse.
  • Naturalization cases in which a client is a permanent resident and wants to become a U.S. citizen.
  • For people seeking political asylum, I will provide consultation and, if I believe your case is winnable, will refer you to a capable and conscientious colleague for representation.
When we meet, I will review your documentation and ask you detailed questions. I will use this information to accurately complete all of the applications and petitions required in your type of case by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). In addition, if your case is complicated by factual or legal issues that require explanation, legal argument, or other clarification, I will draft clear and comprehensive affidavits, letters, and/or memoranda on your behalf with the goal of resolving these issues before they become problematic.

Below are some of the USCIS forms that may be required for your case. Under successful cases, I’ve provided a link to some examples of the work I’ve done in relation to each of these forms.

  • I-129F Petition for Alien Fiance(e)
  • I-130 Petition for Alien Relative
  • I-360 Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er) or Special Immigrant
  • I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status
  • I-601 Application for Waiver of Ground of Excludability
  • I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence
  • I-765 Application for Employment Authorization
  • I-864 Affidavit of Support
  • N-400 Application for Naturalization
In setting my fees, I have carefully considered the income levels of typical clients. By such cost-cutting measures as working out of my home, I have minimized my expenses. Accordingly, I am able to offer my services at $100 an hour. If you prefer a flat rate, this can be negotiated for cases that do not have serious complications. Marriage cases are a flat rate of $1,400 (unless there are complicating factors).

If you are seeking permanent residence or citizenship in the U.S., you need the experience of a competent immigration lawyer. Contact me to see if I can help you.

The Law Office of Oscar Abraham Jaeger assists clients from New York City and throughout the world.


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Wilder Wilder & Langtry is a full service legal firm established in 1967. The firm is comprised of nine lawyers and two articling students. It conducts a general practice covering all areas of the law and in particular practices in the following areas.

  • Corporate Commercial and Real Property Law (including mortgages and mortgage sales)
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation (including Disability Claims, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • Family Law
  • Debt Collection
  • Wills and Estates (Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, etc.)
  • Criminal Law
  • Immigration
Some lawyers in the Firm conduct a general practice while others are very highly specialized. A number of members of the Firm have been recognized for their proficiency within the practice; several are also prominent in varieties of community endeavors at the very highest levels, both provincially and nationally.

The Firm is dedicated to excellence, both in terms of the quality of service provided to clients, as well as the timely and efficient delivery thereof. The partners emphasize the absolute necessity of quick and efficient service to clients.

The Firm attributes its growth in the community in part to its dedication to service and its ability to recognize for clients the urgency of being cost efficient.
The Firm is completely automated and is managed by an Office Manager / Accountant, who has responsibility for the management of the Firm and , in particular, the accounting system.

Joseph J. Wilder Q.C.
Samuel I. Wilder Q.C.
Douglas J.
David M. Bradley
Timothy J. Lach
Matthew P. Maruca
Paul R. Hesse



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Results-oriented immigration attorneys - specializing in Green Card, Deportation Cases and Temporary Visas.
Kolken & Kolken is a full service immigration law firm, handling cases in all areas of immigration and nationality law.
We are able to represent clients located all over the world and in all 50 States.
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship
  • Deportation
  • Employment Green Card
  • Family Green Card
  • Fiancé Visas
  • Green Card Status
  • Temporary Visas
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Work Authorization
  • Immigrate to Canada