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Harrington Law Offices
Attorney Daniel Harrington,
AILA New England Executive Board Member

171 Milk Street
Boston Massachusetts 02109
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Harrington Law Offices offers legal representation in all areas of Immigration Law. The law firm aids employers seeking to bring employees to the Unites States, and families seeking to bring spouses, parent, sons or daughters to live in the United States, individuals filing for permanent residency and individuals seeking United States citizenship.

The firm is in an ideal position to help such people realize their goal. Immigration and Naturalization law is its only business. Founded in 1994, the firm concentrates its practice on representing clients in all areas of Immigration Law including business immigration, family immigration, and temporary visas. Harrington Law Offices has helped hundreds of people from Canada, Europe, Asia, the former Soviet Union, Latin America, and the Middle East come to America for permanent or temporary residence.

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the firm serves clients in the Boston metropolitan area counties of Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Essex as well as clients all over the United States.

Harrington Law Offices has Spanish and Portuguese speaking personnel.