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Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

The digital information revolution is a great thing, right? Canada Immigration’s website has application forms, kits, and guides. And there are websites, Chat Rooms, and newsgroups to get ideas about how to handle your immigration case. So you ask yourself, “Why do I need a lawyer to handle my immigration case?”

The truth is, you don’t need just any lawyer. Most lawyers specialize in a particular area of practice. You wouldn’t go to a Family doctor, or even a Heart surgeon, if you have liver cancer; you’d see a liver cancer specialist!

In the same way, you don’t want to go to a general lawyer, or a corporate lawyer to handle your Immigration matters; with diligent research, you may learn more about immigration procedures than the general lawyer you hire!

The same is true for Immigration Consultants. While many Consultants are good at immigration procedures, most do not have any legal training to think about the “why” behind the “how to”. Unless they work with an immigration law firm, they’re not likely to have the expertise to recognize and deal with complex situations or problems that arise.

When hiring a lawyer for your immigration case, you need one who knows the most up-to-date Immigration law and procedures, who handles immigration cases all the time and not “on the side”, and whom you can trust your family’s future with.

Consider these facts:

  1. The stakes are high. It’s not just money; it’s the years of time, energy, and your future plans that are affected. You can’t afford to make a mistake.
  2. You’ve never done it before, and may never do it again. Canada’s immigration laws are complex, and most lawyers don’t even know all the new provisions. Do you really want to learn the law and procedures yourself, and use your family as a test case?
  3. Immigration laws are in a state of flux. The June 2002 Immigration Regulations were the most extensive change in 24 years, and many provisions are still not clear. This creates opportunities as well as problems, although these will be very difficult for nonimmigration lawyers to find out; Canada Immigration is certainly not going to tell you!
  4. You may not know if you’ve made a mistake, especially a fatal one, until many months later. Having to start all over again means wasting all that time, not to mention the emotional and physical toll on you and your family.
  5. You need the right answers to your questions, which you can rely on. Information that you get from Canada Immigration’s clerks is often inconsistent, and sometimes completely wrong! Also, while there are thousands of pages on Canada Immigration’s website, you need to find answers to your questions, and how to apply them to your situation. At Lowe & Company, we do the thinking for you....about the right questions, as well as the right answers.
  6. You need to know the right Questions. You often have options, but don’t know about them; you need to ask the right questions. At Lowe & Company, we review your case, consider your legal options, then ask YOU the questions, to process your case smoothly.
  7. There may be problems delaying your case, but you don’t even know about them. We periodically search your Immigration file to see if there are problems with your case. Then, we will advise you as to the best solutions for these.
  8. Increase your chance of an Interview Waiver: Often, we can help you get an interview waiver by providing additional documents which are not on Canada Immigration’s “document lists”. We consider the facts of your case, then advise you as to what could improve your chances of an interview waiver.
  9. The cost is worth the benefit. Lowe & Company’s legal fees are competitive, and are payable in instalments as your case progresses. The cost of failure is much higher.

At Lowe & Company, we have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to handle your case. Our lawyers have been doing Immigration law for almost 20 years, and have satisfied clients from over 55 countries; and we can handle your case too!.