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How do lawyer's services differ from services of a paralegal or a consultant?

A lawyer has the right to represent the client's interests on any stage of immigration, legal and appealing processes. It is also assumed that the Canadian lawyer is held in the highest regard by the Canadian Embassies to whom the client’s application is submitted. Therefore, the Canadian immigration officials must treat the lawyer’s client in a most respectful manner and make à correct decision, according to the Canadian law.

As for consultants and paralegals, they are limited in their rights; for example, they are not at all allowed to represent the clients in the federal courts. Besides, the lawyer has the highest level of responsibility, since he is responsible not only to the client and court, but he is also responsible to the Law Society, which can find them liable in cases of serious mistakes. And also, one of the most important issues. Unlike a consultant, a lawyer must put the client's money into a trust account. It's an account, which holds the clients' money in the name of each client and shows the exact sum paid by the client. This account is under full control of the Law Society, to the extent that the interest from the account does not go to the lawyer, but to the account of the Law Society. If a client believes that his lawyer does not fulfill the conditions of the contract, which is signed by both, the lawyer and the client before the beginning of the work, then the client can go to the Law Society and complain about the lawyer. Each lawyer carries insurance, so if he makes an error or is negligent during the process, the client can sue the lawyer, and the insurance will cover the client's losses. This is one of the guarantees that the work will be done in a professional manner. Paralegals and consultants do not carry such insurance, which is very important. This is the only real guarantee that you have when you hire someone.