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IP Immigration Pros inc. is a Canadian based Immigration Corporation that works to help individuals immigrate to Canada. We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to give advice and / or represent our clients.

Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants We have been certified by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants since its creation. Galo Castillo is a full member of the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, membership M063849.

We have a wealth of experience in the many possibilities that Canada and its provinces offer for immigrating to one of the best countries in the world to live in (according to the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI)).

Immigration Pros prides itself in always being informed of any changes that may impact upon our clients. We have made it a policy to be always on top of everything that may help our clients to have a smooth process. We make use of the latest technology to provide excellent services and to have optimal internal processes and organization.

Through our network of agents we will be able to assist our clients in our offices in several countries. If we do not have an agent in a country, we make use of technology to provide the same level of service that all Immigration Pros' clients experience and deserve.

Export of Artwork and Antiques from Russia

From (Relocation Guide)

Russian Federation customs require official export permits for certain items of artwork and all antiques - regardless of whether they were purchased in Russia or imported to Russia from another country.

A small number of items can be exported without any kind of export permit, including:

  • Souvenirs (matryoshka dolls, wooden souvenirs, lacquer boxes, Gzhel and other porcelain items, etc.)
  • Contemporary books (no older than 50 years)
  • Contemporary osters, reproductions, lithographs (no older than 50 years)
  • Electrical devices (e.g., electrical samovars) and electronic instruments (e.g. synthesizers and electrical guitars)
  • Posters (reproductions only) & prints (no older than 50 years)

For the vast majority of others an official export permit from the Ministry of Culture (MOC) of the Russian Federation is required.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Icons (any)
  • Paintings (any)
  • Carpets and rugs (any)
  • Samovars (any, except for electrical samovars)
  • Musical instruments (any)
  • Weapons and firearms (any)*

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- Article submitted by LENA'S FINE ART :: Contemporary art for sale

Moving to the United Kingdom :: Smith Stone Walters

UK Office

Smith Stone Walters Ltd
Title House
33-39 Elmfield Road
Kent BR1 1LT
TEL: +44 (20) 8461 6660
FAX: +44 (20) 8461 6661

United States Office

Smith Stone Walters
111 John Street, Suite 800
New York
NY 10038
TEL: +1 646 378 4406
FAX: +1 646 378 4409

Smarter Immigration Solutions

Smith Stone Walters is a leader in global immigration services and solutions. We specialise in all aspects of corporate immigration, nationality and work permit law.

A smarter service

We manage:
  • preparation and filing of applications for business/employment residence permits
  • related entry clearance petitions.

Better systems

Our customised online portals provide client access to all relevant information including:
  • automated case tracking
  • reporting
  • 24-hour retrieval of case information
  • fact and data gathering
  • news and alerts.

Expert knowledge

We provide:
  • advice on all immigration-based matters
  • comprehensive support in applying for a PBS sponsor’s licence
  • on-site client training i.e. in relation to the law on the prevention of illegal working
  • immigration regulation updates.

Informed compliance

We analyse existing work authorisation procedures and policies to ensure each of our corporate clients maintain compliance with immigration laws.

A smarter result

Smith Stone Walters provides effective representation for immigration matters. Our consistent, coordinated approach sets us apart from our competitors. We respond quickly, seamlessly and professionally to our clients’ diverse immigration needs.

USA Relocation :: AIRes

Corporate & Central Regional Office
Park West Two, Suite 600
2000 Cliff Mine Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15275

Phone: 412.788.0461
Fax: 412.788.0245
Toll Free: 1-888.828.8515, 1-800.245.1176

AIReS is a full-service provider of domestic and international relocation services including assignment management, policy development and review, immigration services, expense management, home sale/purchase assistance, household moving and storage, language training, cross-cultural training, destination services and repatriation services. AIReS customizes relocation programs that are flexible and sensitive to the unique needs of each corporate client and relocating employee.

Visa, Passport, Immigration Assistance, Cultural and Language Training, and Repatriation

One of the most important aspects of an international move is adhering to the immigration requirements of the host country. To prevent any problems, AIReS will ensure that all passports, visas, work permits and other immigration administration are handled properly.

Once the proper documentation is received and the assigned family has moved into their new home, it is equally important that they are able to assimilate into the new city and culture. AIReS provides the necessary training and assistance to ensure that every relocation is successful.

Cultural Training: Understanding new cultures and customs is vital to the success of an international move. AIReS helps arrange one-, two-, or three-day cross-cultural training for the relocating family to learn about important culture differences. Families can work one-on-one with a cultural trainer to further guarantee an easier and more successful move. Cultural programs can include business training and youth programs that cover all aspects of an international relocation. AIReS’ cross-cultural programs can be provided either pre- or post-departure in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Language Training: Often times, the language in a host location will be different from that of the assignee and their family. Communicating effectively is important for the employee, their business and their family. AIReS provides customizable language training that can help the relocating family achieve functional, intermediate, professional or advanced proficiency, depending on their need. Private instruction, small or large group instruction, immersion programs, and youth programs are all available.

Repatriation Assistance: Returning home after being abroad for several years can present its own challenges. One-fourth of employees leave their company within a year of returning from assignments abroad because they felt there was a lack of opportunities to put their foreign experience to work. It is important to acknowledge the importance of repatriation assistance on the family’s adjustment to returning home. These programs are as significant as all other training to ensuring a successful relocation.

Advantage Migration Australia

Dianne Perry
Registered Migration Agent # 0106301

Eastgate Unit 17, 76 Newcastle Street, Perth (cnr Pier St)

Phone: +61 (0) 8922 88448
Fax: +61 (0) 8922 88667
Australian Mobile: +61400 699622

When on tour please use these numbers:

UK Phone: +44 0161 4086104
UK Mobile: +44 0783 3971319
Romania Phone: (031) 224 9699

Postal Address:
PO Box 8418
Western Australia 6849

Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd associates will give you fast friendly advice on all your Australian Immigration options. Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd is Australian based, owned and operated by Registered Australian Migration Agents.
For your protection Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd and its Registered Migration Agents, operate under a code of conduct governed by Australian law and bound by Australian Industry Standards and Ethics.
The Australian Department of Immigration recommends any person(s) seeking advice and or information on Australian Immigration, should obtain accurate and up to date advice and information from a Registered Australian Migration Agent.
At Advantage Migration Australia Pty Ltd our Registered Migration Agents are required to stay informed and updated on all Australian Immigration legislation changes.

Skilled Migration
Business Migration
Partner Migration
Parent Migration
Student Visas
Australian Employer Sponsorship Visas

EuRA :: Relocation Providers Directory

Phone: +44(0)8700 726 727
Fax: +44(0)1379 641 940
PO Box 189
Diss, UK IP22 1PE

Celebrating 10 years in 2008, EuRA has become the focal point of information, service provision and quality for the relocation industry in Europe and worldwide.
Our members represent the very best in mobility managers and have a proven commitment to quality and training. EuRA is a non-profit making company, and the work of the Association is driven by a council of eight representatives from the membership.
Based in the UK, we are the central point of contact for relocation providers and their clients worldwide.

Relocation from Israel :: Ocean Global Relocation Solutions

Yakum Post 60972 Israel
Israel toll free 1-800-807907 | USA toll free 1-866-8526650
Fax: +972-9-9514321 Tel: +972-9-9553456


Global Relocation

Ocean Global Relocation Solutions offers fully integrated relocation solutions to international corporations and their employees, to members of the diplomatic community and to individuals. Whatever your relocation needs, we can meet the challenges encompassing all the logistics of relocation, transportation and shipping, all under one roof and within a single point of contact.

Immigration Assistance

Immigration services are without doubt the most important aspect of international relocation as without the visa and working permit, the assignment cannot begin. Mishandling of the application and documents, late application, insufficient background material and research of the company can result in the assignment being postponed or canceled, adding costs to the company and the transferee.

We provide a tried and tested immigration program, utilizing the professional services an Immigration Law firm. The immigration service is delivered in conjunction with other relocation services thus ensuring transparency at all times.

We will contact the family in order to determine the needs of the family as well as coordinate with the family in order to gather the needed documentation. We will conduct a full research on the company in the host country and when the file is ready we submit the application to the authority. We also handle ongoing renewals or cancellations.

Due to the complex nature of immigration laws, we are unable to guarantee success in obtaining a visa, nor the time that the process will take. We do however guarantee to do in our ability to provide the most professional service possible.

סיוע בהגירה

שירותי הגירה הם ללא ספק ההיבט החשוב ביותר של הרילוקיישן לחו"ל, שכן ללא האשרה ואישור העבודה, אי אפשר להתחיל במשימה. טיפול כושל בבקשה ובמסמכים, הגשת בקשה באיחור, חוסר בחומר רקע ובמחקר מצד החברה, יכולים לגרום לדחייה או לביטול המשימה, וכך להגדיל את ההוצאות של החברה ושל העובד המועבר.
אנו מספקים תוכנית הגירה מנוסה ובדוקה, תוך שימוש בשירותים המקצועיים של משרד עורכי דין המתמחה בדיני הגירה. שירות ההגירה מסופקים יחד עם שירותי רילוקיישן אחרים, בכדי להבטיח שקיפות בכל עת.

אנו ניצור קשר עם המשפחה כדי לקבוע מהם הצרכים שלה וכמו כן נתאם עם המשפחה את איסוף כל המסמכים הנדרשים. אנו נערוך בדיקה מקיפה על החברה במדינת היעד, וכאשר התיק יהיה מוכן, אנו נגיש את הבקשה לרשויות. כמו כן, אנחנו מטפלים גם בחידושים שוטפים ובביטולים.

בשל המורכבות הטבעית של חוקי הגירה, איננו יכולים להבטיח הצלחה בהשגת אשרה, וכן לא נוכל להתחייב למשך הזמן להשגתה. עם זאת, אנו מבטיחים לעשות כל שביכולתנו לספק את השירות המקצועי ביותר האפשרי

דואר יקום 60972 ישראל
חיוג חינם בישראל 1-800-807907 חיוג חינם בארה"ב 1-866-852-6650
טלפון: 09-9553456 פקס: 09-9514321