Export of Artwork and Antiques from Russia

From (Relocation Guide)

Russian Federation customs require official export permits for certain items of artwork and all antiques - regardless of whether they were purchased in Russia or imported to Russia from another country.

A small number of items can be exported without any kind of export permit, including:

  • Souvenirs (matryoshka dolls, wooden souvenirs, lacquer boxes, Gzhel and other porcelain items, etc.)
  • Contemporary books (no older than 50 years)
  • Contemporary osters, reproductions, lithographs (no older than 50 years)
  • Electrical devices (e.g., electrical samovars) and electronic instruments (e.g. synthesizers and electrical guitars)
  • Posters (reproductions only) & prints (no older than 50 years)

For the vast majority of others an official export permit from the Ministry of Culture (MOC) of the Russian Federation is required.

These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Icons (any)
  • Paintings (any)
  • Carpets and rugs (any)
  • Samovars (any, except for electrical samovars)
  • Musical instruments (any)
  • Weapons and firearms (any)*

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