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AIReS is a full-service provider of domestic and international relocation services including assignment management, policy development and review, immigration services, expense management, home sale/purchase assistance, household moving and storage, language training, cross-cultural training, destination services and repatriation services. AIReS customizes relocation programs that are flexible and sensitive to the unique needs of each corporate client and relocating employee.

Visa, Passport, Immigration Assistance, Cultural and Language Training, and Repatriation

One of the most important aspects of an international move is adhering to the immigration requirements of the host country. To prevent any problems, AIReS will ensure that all passports, visas, work permits and other immigration administration are handled properly.

Once the proper documentation is received and the assigned family has moved into their new home, it is equally important that they are able to assimilate into the new city and culture. AIReS provides the necessary training and assistance to ensure that every relocation is successful.

Cultural Training: Understanding new cultures and customs is vital to the success of an international move. AIReS helps arrange one-, two-, or three-day cross-cultural training for the relocating family to learn about important culture differences. Families can work one-on-one with a cultural trainer to further guarantee an easier and more successful move. Cultural programs can include business training and youth programs that cover all aspects of an international relocation. AIReS’ cross-cultural programs can be provided either pre- or post-departure in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Language Training: Often times, the language in a host location will be different from that of the assignee and their family. Communicating effectively is important for the employee, their business and their family. AIReS provides customizable language training that can help the relocating family achieve functional, intermediate, professional or advanced proficiency, depending on their need. Private instruction, small or large group instruction, immersion programs, and youth programs are all available.

Repatriation Assistance: Returning home after being abroad for several years can present its own challenges. One-fourth of employees leave their company within a year of returning from assignments abroad because they felt there was a lack of opportunities to put their foreign experience to work. It is important to acknowledge the importance of repatriation assistance on the family’s adjustment to returning home. These programs are as significant as all other training to ensuring a successful relocation.