Alabama anti-illegal-immigration law
The new law requires landlords, employers, and public education administrators to verify the citizenship of the people they rent property to, hire or enroll in public schools. It also allows a suspected illegal alien to have his immigration status verified with federal authorities should he be arrested and booked into jail.
The new law goes much further than a controversial Arizona law, which requires state police to determine an individual's immigration status if stopped. Aliens must carry their immigration documentation at all times, and employers and transporters of illegal laborers are dealt harsh penalties.
The bill prohibits illegal aliens from enrolling in public, state-funded universities and disqualifies them from being eligible for scholarships, grants or financial aid. It also requires public elementary and secondary schools to determine the immigration status of a student, as well as compile reports on the number of legal and illegal students enrolled and the costs associated with educating them.
As of April 2012, businesses will be required to verify employees' work eligibility through an internet program called E-Verify.